List of Eilat Hotels by Location – what is the best hotel location in Eilat?

There are at least 68 hotels in Eilat Israel and they cover all budgets from hostels to luxury 5 star Eilat hotels. You can basically divide the city into areas that are preferable to be located and areas that are less desirable, this depends entirely on how far your Eilat hotel is from the beach and the city center. Of course there are those who will want to be close to a particular beach or a particular Eilat diving school.

Generally speaking I have rated these Eilat hotels by location:

Hotels in Area 1  –

Eilat hotels which are within walking distance of the promenade (Tielet in Hebrew), city center and the beaches that are close to the center.

Le Meridian  Although in the city area and close to the sea I would call this the furthest south of the well located north shore hotels.

Red Rock One of the cheaper and few 3 star hotels in the north shore city area.

Club Hotel Eilat Not to be confused with the other “club” hotels in Eilat, this one is 5*, in the right area but doesn’t have its own beach, you have to cross a road.

Hotels in Area 2 –

Eilat hotels which are along the beach front where the hotel is on the beach side of the road so that you don’t have to cross a road or take a taxi to reach the water.

Hotels in Area 3 –

Eilat hotels which are further from the beaches going inland but are still in the city center and you can reach the beach with a 10-20 minute walk. You can reach the beach and the city center by making the 10-20 minute walk.

Astral Topaz Briza Hotel Eilat This one is officially in the city center but is a little more than walking distance from the action. Good choice for those on a budget.

Lev Eilat Apartments In the city but a far enough walk from the action and the beach to get it into this category. Being in the city it is expensive for a tourist level 1 hotel.

Melony Motel Eilat Within the city but way, way to far from the beach for my liking.

Rio Hotel Eilat Again it maybe in the city but too far to walk.

Hotels in Area 4 –

Like area 3 these hotels are further from the water but are within walking distance only those in area 4 are not close to the city center. In other words they are on the inland side of the beach road and you would have to cross the road to reach the water. You would also have to take a taxi into the city center.

Isrotel Yam Suf Hotel Close to Coral Beach, walking distance to the beach and diving schools across the road but not walking distance to the city center.

Coral U Beach Hotel  Close to Coral Beach, Deep Siam Divers, Aqua Sport.

Orchard Reef Hotel and Resort Close to Coral Beach, South Beach. Not to be confused with the Orchard Hotel which is even further south and up on a hill away from the water.

Prima Music Popular with young people, close to Coral Beach

Hotels in Area 5 – These hotels are in the surrounding mountains and you can only see the sea in the distance. You have to take a taxi, drive or take a hotel shuttle to reach the city center or the shore.

Magic Palace Great hotel but far from everything in the direction of the Taba crossing.

Eilat Princess Another fantastic hotel but far far south even closer to the Taba crossing. Not to be confused with the Princess Hotel which is much closer to the city center.

Magic Sunrise Club Eilat A top 4 star all-inclusive hotel with low-level buildings and everything a hotel should offer but you will need to take the hotel shuttle or a taxi to the beach or Eilat city center. The hotel is on Kibbutz Eilot

Eilot Holiday Apartments I don’t have any personal experience with this vacation accommodation in Eilat but it is definitely too far to walk to the city center or beach.

Club Inn Eilat Opposite Coral Beach (Hof Almogim), but slightly up the hill. I nearly stayed here this summer, its an excellent choice for families as they are small apartments around a central pool and up to 4 kids can stay in the apartment FREE with the parents. the draw back is the location – far from the center – so you have to have transport, and the fact that they don’t offer restaurant services however it is 4 stars.

Kibbutz Eliot Along with the Magic Sunrise and Eliot Holiday Apartments this is another option in the hills and far to far to walk to the center or sea.

 Remember this is by Eilat hotel location NOT BY STAR RATING or hotel quality.

this post will be continued as I add more hotels to the list…..


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