Names of Eilat Hotels – Club, Hotel, Leonardo and more…

Be aware when booking an Eilat hotel that many of them have very similar names and sometimes one word differentiates between two completely separate hotels. Also most of the hotels in Eilat are owned by hotel chains so you will see Isrotel, Fattel, Leonardo, Herods, Dan, Rimon….

I have started adding markings to show if the hotels have kid’s clubs (KC), all-inclusive (All), Wheelchair Access (W.access), free parking (P), pet friendly (Pet).

Isrotel hotels

Royal Beach

King Solomon – 5* (W.access)

Royal Garden (W.access) 5* (KC) (P)

Sport Club- 3* (W.access)


Riviera Club

Agamim 4* (P) (KC)

Yam Suf – was Ambassador Hotel

Princess 5* (KC)

Fattal Hotel Group

U Coral Beach Club Resort

Le Meridein Eilat – 5* (W.access)

Magic Palace – 5* (W.access) (KC) (P)

Magic Sunrise Club

Leonardo Club Eilat – was Paradise Club (All) (KC)

Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat – was Royal Tulip and was also Palamira Hotel  (Pet) 5* (P)

Leonardo privilege – was Golden Tulip Privilege 4* (W.access)

Leonardo Plaza – was Sheraton Moriah Eilat (KC) 4*

Herods Palace, Vitalis (W.access) 5*

Herods Boutique (P)

Herods Vitalis 5* (P)

(there is also a Herods Forum which used to be a Sheraton)


Dan Eilat (KC)5* (P)

Dan Panorama (W.access) 4*/5* (KC) (P)


Hilton Queen of Sheba (W.access) 5* (KC) (P)

Club Hotel

Club Hotel – (KC) (P) 5*

Club Inn


Siesta 3* (KC) (P)

La Playa – was Express Beat

Rimon Hotels

Rimonim Hotel – was Neptune Hotel (KC) 5 * (W.access)

Rimonim Central Park Eilat – 4* (W.access) (KC)

Vista Hotel (W.access) 4* (KC) (P)

Atlas Hotels

Nova Like Hotel Eilat 4* (W.access) (KC) (P)

Caesar Hotels

Caesar Premier Hotel Eilat – (W.access) 4*

Astral Hotels

Astral Village Hotel (KC) 4* (P)

Astral Sea Side Hotel Eilat 4* (P) (KC)

Astral Nirvana Hotel Eilat (P) (KC)

Astral Coral Hotel Eilat (P) (KC) (All-Inc during holidays and summer season)

Astral Marina Hotel Eilat (P)

C Hotels

C Hotel Eilat 3* (P)

Reef Diving Group

Blue Hotel – was Hotel Pierre

Aquamarine Hotel – was Edomit Hotel 2*

I’ve listed just the most prominent hotels, there are other smaller hotels which also have confusing “club”, “magic” and “beach” type names.


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