Top Eilat Hotels on Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a reliable source of information when planning your travel, sometimes I must admit I don’t agree with their list of top hotels but this is what the site says about the best hotels in Eilat.

Overall best hotel in EilatHerods Boutique (obviously it is a 5 star delux hotel and really is the best if you can afford it)

Best Value Eilat Hotel – Hotel Pierre (I can’t vouch for it as I don’t know this one but the 2nd on the list is Rio Hotel

Best Family Hotel – 1st Herods Boutique, 2nd Herods Vitalis Spa, 3rd Dan Eilat, 4th Isrotel Yam Suf, 5th Isrotel Lagoona all-inclusive. OK I’ve given you the whole list because I can’t agree with the first 3, they are simply too expensive for a family vacation and too fancy. I’d be worried about the kids breaking something! Of these top 5 Lagoona is my top choice for the best family hotel in Eilat.

Top Luxury Hotel EilatHerods Boutique – agreed.

Best Eilat Hotel on the BeachIsrotel Lagoona Hotel.

Most Romantic Eilat HotelDan Hotel Eilat

Top Eilat Business HotelDan Hotel Eilat


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