Harush Beach – My favorite family beach

Harush beach is really tiny, its right next to Coral Beach and you can walk across from one to the other. This little strip of beach is sandwiched between Coral Beach and another small beach used primarily for divers and a diving school. From this beach you can rent snorkels and goggles.

View of the Harush Beach pier

Why I love Harush Beach

The tiny beach is right in front of a restaurant which serves you as you sit on the beach lounge chairs.

You can see the kids playing in the water from your cushioned chair.

There are usually schools of fish right up close to the shore so kids (and adults can see the fish without leaving the beach.

It is not an over populated beach although Coral Beach and the diving beach are.

There is no sand to speak of but the shallow water is more than enough distraction for kids.

I love the lemonana drinks they serve ! Its lemonade and mint blended with crushed ice (you can also add a shot to make it even more relaxing)!

A real slice of paradise!

The crowds in the distance are on Coral Beach

Hof Harush pier


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