Eilat Events and Eilat Festivals

together with the world-class Eilat hotels, sea and sun the city has plenty of entertainment to offer, not only in permanent Eilat attractions but annual events as well. Here are a few of the more popular annual events in Eilat:


  • Eilat International Belly Dancing Festival
  • Eilat Classic Camry Festival
  • Red Sea WInter Jazz Festival


  • Mountain Bike Competition


  • Eilat new Cameri Theatre Festival
  • Eilat Sports Festival
  • Blu4Dance
  • Eilat Chamber Music Festival
  • Bird Watching Festival (sometimes in april as well)


  • Salsa Congress Eilat
  • Timna Park Roaming Festival


  • Eilat Heineken Sundance Festival
  • Eilat Pride Festival
  • Eilat International Film Festival


  • Eilat Jazz in the Red sea Festival


  • Eilat Temaniada festival (celebration of the Jewish Yemeni culture)


  • Eilat Triathlon


  • Eilat Red Sea World of Underwater Images Festival


  • Eilat Red Sea Classic Festival

Believe it or not traveling to Eilat during one of the major festivals means cheaper hotel deals, check out the Eilat hotel deals during a festival.


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