Cheap Eilat Hotels Under $100 a Night!

For what you get Eilat hotels are very reasonable generally (except in July and August when rates rocket). Here are the best budget hotels in Eilat under $100 a night for a double room sleeping two guests.

1. Rimonim Central Park Hotel 4* – $95

This hotel offers everything a 4 star hotel offers but perhaps on a lower standard or smaller scale, however it is a relatively new hotel so the facilities are in good condition. The one comment I have personally heard from friends who stayed here is that it is near to the airport so there is noise from the planes. As for a convenient location, it is in the main part of the city but not close to the sea. You would have to take a 15-20 minute walk or short taxi drive. Guest reviews also mention excellent service.

2. Edomit Hotel Eilat 3* – $75

This hotel gets a bad rap online with more pictures posted of defects than anything else. You just need to search images of this hotel to see broken sinks, torn curtains etc.

3. Rio Hotel Eilat 3* – 82

4. Rich Luxury Suites 3* – $86

This Eilat hotel is on the top of the list for Trip Advisor’s best value hotels! Extremely functional and basic decor, a lot of white walls and furnishings. As apartment accommodation there is no restaurant service, although there is free WiFi and laundry service. The apartments have large screen TVs, AC and kitchenette there are also several large apartments for families. The location is near the IMAX theatre within the city center.

5. Blue Hotel Eilat 3* – $86

Good size rooms for families and they provide complementary toiletries, AC and TV.

6. Arcadia Spa Eilat 3* – $89

The pool is small, there is a spa service available and I would call this basic accommodation trying hard to be more than basic. the location is in the center but a fair walk from the promenade and seafront. There are quite a few hotels in this same general area around the police station and a little above the IMAX cinema. A good budget option if you can get a good deal but you’ll probably just want to sleep here and spend your days out and about. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the “spa” part of the hotel name, don’t get any grandiose ideas of a spa hotel.

7. City Guest House Eilat 21/2 tourist class – $58

There are dorm rooms here for 4 to 7 people in a room as well as smaller rooms. This is really basic and better suited to a younger crowd. however it is a good location for the price.

8. Red Sea Hotel 2* – $76

9. Desert Ashram 21/2* – $98

This is a laid back meditation type oasis for those who want to feel like they are living in a commune and having a spiritual experience. The kitchen is vegetarian, there is a pool, lawns, air conditioning in wooden huts and even a camp ground. The price includes 3 meals and meditation in the meditation rooms. Connect with nature, the desert and your inner self.

10. Pninat Hayam Motel Eilat Tourist Class – $88

Basic but with bright clean decor. the Sea Pearl (Pninat) Hostel has a great location as does its sister, the Sea Princess Motel.

11. Dalia Hotel 2* – $88

Older guests, rather falling to pieces place but in a good location.

12. Sea Princess Motel    1 1/2  tourist Class – $73

(see above) There are rooms for groups (with bunk beds) and family rooms.

13. Fawlty Towers Hostel – $95

14. Melony Motel – $78

Ok now I’m going to cheat and say that if you can push your budget just a little bit further I highly recommend that you try:

15. Americana Hotel 3* – $106

This hotel has an excellent location among many of the best hotels of the city. It has a great pool and is very popular with the younger crowd.  You’ll feel like you’re staying in a perfectly acceptable hotel here, close to the beach and promenade and with all the conveniences you need. So why is it cheap and only 3*? Well, the quality may not be up to scratch and the amenities are not the same as some of its better known neighbors.

16. Vista Hotel 4* – $112

As it’s a 4 star hotel you’ll get amenities that you won’t get with most of the other hotels on this list. the hotel has a good location next to the marina and the main city center.

6 thoughts on “Cheap Eilat Hotels Under $100 a Night!

  1. This hotel offers everything a 4 star hotel offers but perhaps on a lower standard or smaller scale, however it is a relatively new hotel so the facilities are in good condition. Hotels Near Fortis Hospital Mohali and Hotel Near PCA Stadium Mohali.

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