Red Sea Cruises

While in Eilat one of the popular things to do is to go for a cruise on a yacht. I’m talking about large old-fashioned type yachts! The sails are hoisted and the vessel sets sail. There are a number of companies which run half day cruises (lasting 4 hours approximately) daily which leave from  the Eilat marina. The cruises typically leave at 10am and return after lunch in the early afternoon. The cruise price (about $50) includes lunch (usually barbecue and not kosher) as well as drinks. The boats either stay in Israeli waters traveling towards Jordan (Aqaba) and then down to Taba at the Egyptian border or they continue to Coral Island which is not far down the coast but is in Egyptian waters. If you take a cruise which travels into Egyptian waters you’ll need to take a passport. On the cruise you’ll probably see dolphins and you can look back at the coast as you sail by  the Eilat attractions. You will also get to jump into the water for a swim with snorkels and goggles provided by the boat.

One of the attractions you’ll pass by on your trip is Dolphin Reef where the boat gets as close as possible so that passengers can see the dolphins being fed. You’ll also stop near Coral Beach for your swim so that you can explore the underwater reef.

It is also possible to take a sunset cruise for about $30 this cruise includes light refreshments but not a full meal.

Some of the companies which offer Eilat cruises are:

Eilat Experts

Zorba Yacht

Harmony – A 160 meter three level modern vessel.

Yam Boat Cruise – Sailing three times a day on a 2 hour cruise in a yacht with a glass bottom. About $15 per person.

There are other companies which can be booked from your hotel and also companies catering to small groups and parties. Like Teleri which charters yachts for tours of 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours or more for up to 13 people.


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