Eilat Ice Skating in the Ice Park and Mall

Ice Park is the largest complex of this kind in the world, the mall and entertainment center has at its center an open Olympic size (1800m²) ice rink. What do I mean open? Well as you circle the malls 10 levels of shopping, restaurants and entertainment establishments you will be able to look down upon the ice rink. The skating complex also hosts ice skating competitions and ice hokey games, kids can try out tobogganing and even dog sledding! On the ice there is entertainment throughout the day with acrobats, dance skating and shows.

Ice Park Igloo Eilat

For the little ones who don’t know how to skate there is a skating school and for other kids there is also an igloo playground of ice. The ice park playground looks like it is inside one of those things you shake and the snow flies all around. It is within a see-through globe and has a central igloo with a slide coming down from the top and there is constantly falling snow.

Eilat Ice Park and Mall Entertainment

One whole floor of the complex is devoted to a video arcade and amusement park like rides including bumper cars.

What to do at night in Eilat?

Now you have another way to spend the evening in Eilat, the complex is open extra long hours. In the evening the ice rink becomes a dance club where people can dance until dawn!

Eilat Shopping

And don’t forget if you are shopping in Eilat the city is TAX free!

5 thoughts on “Eilat Ice Skating in the Ice Park and Mall

  1. I’d also like to add that if you are visiting eilat then the dolphin reef is another place you should check out! it offers visitors an opportunity to swim and interact with dolphins underwater.

  2. Let me tell you, we visited the Ice Mall & Park this weekend and had a wonderful time. It is not just a mall with two floors of name brand stores surrounding an ice rink. They also have an amazing jamboree for all ages, food stops, and coffee shops to sit with your friends. There is even entertainment throughout the day. The atmosphere was excellent and I would highly recommend the Ice mall & Park in Eilat as a great place to visit with the family during your next vacation!

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