Star Gazing in Eilat Israel


Eilat (Photo credit: ChrisYunker)

When you’re in Eilat the desert is just a few minutes drive away, you can take the main highway out of the city or a jeep into the surrounding red mountains. Now an innovative and unique tourist attraction in Eilat takes you away from the glaring city lights to do some star-gazing. Dark Sky Safari has regular hour-long programs where they take you 10 minutes out of the city and give you a very educational look at the sky. The guides point out the stars and planets as well as other celestial bodies by indicating with a laser light. This is really an interesting attraction not done by the average tourist in Eilat.

Find the Dark Sky Safari next to the Ministry of Tourism on the promenade or email for more information. Prices are about NIS100 for adults, NIS50 for kids or NIS300 for a family.


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