See the Desert on the way to Eilat

A car hire can make traveling to Eilat a remarkable experience. While most people consider a stop at the Dead Sea of primary interest, you can easily pass it by and enjoy the rest of your day without salt encrusted skin. If you are traveling to Eilat during the late winter, or early spring, you get to see the desert in bloom. While rain in the desert does generate the risk of flash flooding, with care you may be able to get some remarkable pictures along the trails in the national parks.

Set out early in the morning and make a stop at Ein Gedi. This nature preserve is set within a natural desert oasis. In addition to hiking trails and wildlife, you can enjoy waterfalls and pools and some spectacular views. Make sure to pack plenty of water.

Masada is a desert fortress that hosted some of Israel’s most famous zealots in their stand against the Romans during the Jewish Revolt of 66-70CE. It took the Romans three years to take the fortress, and the assault ramp they built still stands to one side of the cliffs. Climb the ramp, the snake path or take the cable car to the top, and wander through the ancient buildings.

Kibbutz Sede Boker was the pride and joy of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister. While he never became a member, he lived and retired here. Sede Boker was designed as a model of how Israel could make the desert bloom. The Ben Gurion House is now a museum, and the nearby Ein Avdat National Park is a beautiful place to hike.

Dead Sea

It is best to make car hire arrangements before you arrive in Israel, as the rates are considerably higher if you book once in the country. The freedom to visit so many natural and historic sights on your way down to Eilat will make the trip truly memorable.

Author Bio: This has been a guest post from Skedaddle, who are the experts at travelling the globe on 4 wheels. If you would like to know more about other destinations, check out their website and pick a location.


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