Day Trip From Eilat to Timna Park

If you’re looking for a day trip from Eilat into the desert then there is no better destination than Park Timna in the Timna Valley. Here is a sample of what awaits you at this geological wonder.

Solomon‘s pillars

This is a remarkable formation in Timna Valley. It is a natural creation which is formed by centuries of water erosion through a crack in the sandstone face until it became a series of distinct, pillar-shaped structures. Some believe that this was related to King Solomon in the 1930s as a result they have named this as “Slomon’s Pillars”. These pillars are used as a backdrop for evening concerts and dance performances which gives a tremendous look.


This is not as rare as Solomon’s pillars and you can find similar arches around the world. The Arches were formed by erosion and can be seen along the western cliff of the valley.


This is a curious monument which has the shape of a mushroom. It is formed by red sandstone rock. It got its shape due to the wind and water erosion over centuries.

Some might say this is paradise…. Yes, the world is a paradise full of miracles, sometimes we just have to dig around to explore the miracles.

Timna Valley


It is possible to take an organized tour to Timna Park for the day and take in the sights, see the exhibits and stay for the Sound and Light Show in the evening.


Author Bio: Teresa Kent is a content writer and a geologist. She writes about mining sites, construction sites and CDM coordinator. Follow Teresa on Twitter.

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