Holitel La Playa, Eilat – Formerly Express Beat Hotel

This is a four star hotel (some sites give it 3 stars) near the marina on Eilat’s northern coast, this is a convenient location no matter what you want to do in Eilat. By Eilat standards this is a small hotel, it is also low level as all the rooms are on one level and look onto either the city or the pool which is the center piece of the hotel. the pool (with a smaller kiddie pool on the side) is in an inner courtyard with the rooms surrounding it. There are rooms available for three adults as well as the usual combinations of single, double and double plus 1 or 2 kids. There are also rooms with connecting doors if you are traveling with a group or more than 2 children. There is also a kid’s playroom.

There is a comfortable lobby with a bar and two restaurants which serve meals throughout the day. In the public areas there is free WiFi and the hotel provides free parking.

Online reviewers mention the loud music coming from the pool area at night, the good food and most of all the reasonable price. Although this is a new hotel in Eilat that really just means a new company has taken it over so the facilities and building are not “new”. Note: This is what was the Holiday Inn Express Hotel or Express Beat Hotel which was known to be a hotel for young, noisy vacationers.

Holitel La Playa can be grouped with Siesta, Nova and Prima Music as having an over star rate (better deserving 3 stars not 4) but still being excellent value for money and in a good location. For families or young travelers who don’t want to miss out on an Eilat vacation just because of a budget this is a good option. Especially as most people vacationing in Eilat spend their time on the beach or out of the hotel anyway.

When this post was published a night in a double room at the Holitel La Playa cost approximately $111 including breakfast. Check here for the lowest rates at Holitel La Playa Eilat.

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