Yam Suf – Formerly Ambassador Hotel, Eilat

Yet another annoying Eilat hotel name change, of course this only happens when a hotel gets bought by another hotel chain. It does help to know the present and former names when you’re reading online reviews.

The Ambassador had a solid reputation and that kind of gets passed along to the Yam Suf Hotel which has 3 or 4 stars depending what website you’re looking at. The one minus (as far as I’m concerned) is that it’s about 7km from the city center and you’d have to take a taxi to get there. But for those looking for a quiet vacation with lots of time spent on the beach or in the sea it may be perfect. Coral Beach is just a 2 minute walk from the hotel and the hotel has a dive club where you can rend masks and snorkels. The hotel is near the other dive schools and near my favorite hang out at Harush Beach.

The Yam Suf  (Hebrew for “Red Sea”) has its own exclusive beach and offers some useful services like free parking, a kid’s club and a fitness center. The hotel grounds are beautifully landscaped with lots of trees, plants and pools. There are ground floor rooms with access straight to the pool as well as family rooms, rooms with connecting doors and suites…oh yes and standard rooms. The furnishings are not “fancy” or anything special but they’re good for when you’ve just come in covered in water or sand.

This Isrotel hotel is good for families and those who want to dive and be on the beach all day. However take note that the Internet WiFi is not free and costs 75NIS per day which even by Israel standards is high. Use of the sauna and gym costs 20NIS.

The average rate (December 2012) at the Yam Suf Hotel, Eilat is $225 a night in a double room.


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