Is it safe to travel to Eilat, Israel?

English: Coat of arms of Eilat Русский: Герб г...

English: Coat of arms of Eilat Русский: Герб города Эйлат עברית: סמל של העיר אילת Deutsch: Wappen der stadt Elat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’d like a one word answer – Yes.

Eilat is the most southerly point in the county and nowhere near the areas like Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem which have been the victims of terrorist attacks. Nor is Eilat near the border of Gaza where cities like Ashdod and Ashkalon have been bombed from across the Gaza border. However things do happen…

Stray bombs have been known very occasionally to land in Eilat during times of conflict between Israel and Gaza and random nutcases have been known to cause a tragedy in the sunshine city. But this is rare and for the most part it is just as dangerous to visit Eilat as it is to visit any other travel destination but safer than other cities in Israel.

The most resent incident occurred in October 2012 at the Leonardo Club Hotel when an American tourist (William Hershkovitz from New York) took the weapon of a security guard and opened fire. He killed a chef from the hotel before being shot down by anti-terrorist police.

Talking of security guards, security in Eilat is as tight as in the rest of the country with most places of entertainment and hotels having full-time armed security guards.

No matter where you are planning to travel always check for travel alerts from your embassy or government. Overall I wouldn’t think twice about visiting Eilat, the city is fun-loving, safe and secure.


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