The Best Fish Restaurant in Eilat – Denise Kingdom

Ok so I say fish restaurant instead of seafood restaurant as this one is kosher and so it doesn’t serve seafood like shrimps, lobster, crab etc, they just serve fish. By the way  a fish is kosher when it has scales and fins.

The Denise Kingdom

The large restaurant is elegant but you can still come dressed casually. There is a large wine selection and the menu is also quite varied considering they serve mainly fish. Bream is the most popular fish served here and the restaurant is connected to a fish farm which supplies them with their fresh fish. there is also sea-base and other seafish. There is a kiddie menu with things like fish fingers and other non-fish options. Adults who don’t want fish can also enjoy meat dishes here.

So why do I keep going back to the Denise Kingdom? Firstly the calm atmosphere and attentive service, the delicious mouth-watering food prepared by people who specialize in this kind of cuisine and the huge variety of salads that are brought to the table before the main course. I love the small dishes of interesting salads which can be soaked up with delicious bread.

The restaurant is not in the center of the city and you’ll need either a car or a taxi to get you there which makes it even more special, somehow it’s set apart from everything else in Eilat. There is an outdoor area with jungle gyms and statues for kids to climb on and the adults can enjoy their meal while watching their kids playing through the large windows.

The Denise Kingdom or Memlechet HaDenise is open Sunday to Thursday from noon to 11pm and on Fridays from noon to one hour before Shabbat starts (night fall) on Saturdays the restaurant opens after sun down and stays open until 11pm.

Location : North Beach

Reservations recommended



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