Where is Eilat?

Eilat, is the southern most point of Israel and is part of the southern Negev Desert. It is a beach resort on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. To the southwest of Eilat along the coast of the Red Sea is the Egyptian Sinai Desert and the nearest Egyptian settlement is Taba. To the East is the Kingdom of Jordan and the Jordanian city of Aqaba on the Red Sea can be seen from Eilat. Southeast across the gulf below Jordan Saudi Arabia can almost be seen with the naked eye. Inland Eilat forms the tip of the Aravah desert region, an arid desert, the Eilat Mountains form a semi-circle between the city and the desert.

GPS Coordinates: 29°33’N 34°57’E

Taba: 3km

Aqaba: 4km

Amman: 281km

Jerusalem: 309km

Tel-Aviv: 346km

Haifa: 438km

Beer Sheva: 241km

Ashdod: 317km

Ashkalon: 307km

Jericho: 289km

Mitzpe Rimon: 148km

Ben Gurion Airport: 354km

Dead Sea: 195km

Arad: 219km

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