Eilat, Israel – 5 Worthy Tourist Stops

A lot of people have been taking trips to the Holy Land these days, which can perhaps explain why there is a current boom in the tourism industry in that part of the globe. Furthermore, we now know why tourist rates have gone up as well.  However, most trips to the Holy Land are confined to just visiting Jerusalem.  This is especially true for those on a religious pilgrimage and there are those who visit Tel Aviv.  They are usually tourists who want to maximize their time in the area.  Aside from these destinations, there is also one area that you need to visit. Eilat, Israel may not be as popular as Jerusalem but it also has attractions that every tourist can enjoy.

Underwater Observatory Marine Park


Partake in the underwater world as you get a glimpse of what’s beneath the famed Red Sea.  The observatory gives you a view of their marine life, including sharks and stingrays.  And if you think it’s purely an underwater experience, wait till you get to the top – there’s a Peace Terrace, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the Golden Triangle of the Red Sea.  From this point, you will be able to see four countries – Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Standing at the Peace Terrace makes you feel as if you are on top of the world.


Dolphin Reef

This stop is for the young at heart who love animals.  You get to meet with these marine darlings either through observation or having a swim with them which is a totally breath-taking experience.  A guide can take you into teh water to swim with the dolphins  (only available for those over 10 years of age) or you can watch the creatures being fed.


Aqua Beach

So you thought that only in tropical hideaways you can enjoy pristine aquamarine beaches?  Eilat has the Aqua Beach, where you can dive, snorkel, or just laze around in your skimpy swimsuit.  Yes, this is just one of the places in Eilat where you can bask in the sun!

Red Sea Boat Tour


The Underwater Observatory may have confined you to just a specific spot along the Red Sea coast, but a boat tour can take you to see so much more.  Tourists are welcomed at the Eilat Marina by a glass-bottom boat so you’ll be able to see the brilliant marine life below.  The trip goes for nearly two hours and takes tourists up the coast heading towards Egypt.  Passengers get to enjoy the ocean and its natural habitat – coral reefs and colorful schools of fish.  Maximize those two hours by basking under the Israel sun, appreciating the magnificent view of Jordan and capturing moments to remember for a life time.  Some boats even go the extra mile to offer you the chance to snorkel in the middle of the sea or just jump in to the water for some fun.


Red Canyon

For the adventure seeker who loves hiking, you can take a trek in the Red Canyon, which offers a great view of the deserts.  You can capture outstanding shots of the sandstones that are primarily deep red, with specks of purple and white.  You’ve got to be fit though to live through the two-hour trek or it will leave you exhausted and thirsty.

Apart from these sites, you can also consider the Jeep Safari and visits to the Timna National Park and King’s City.  And if your visa requirements pass, you can even squeeze in a trip to the Sinai Peninsula to see the renowned Mount Sinai and St. Catherine Monastery.  These are just some of the sites in Eilat that can make your Israel trip as splendid as it should be.

Author Bio: This guest post was written by Ravi S. who loves wearing  Men’s Sunglasses when traveling.


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